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Welcome! DMTB is an ever-expanding multimedia encyclopedia of mountain bike training, education and entertainment. The Learning Facility features the Essential Knowledge Guide that helps the Newbie get started in mountain biking, including a HOW-TO on setting a mountain bike up correctly. The Learning Facility also features the mountain bike Training Area that uses intuitive methods to teach all the skills and techniques necessary to reach any level of mountain biking proficiency. There is also a Physical Training Area where you can learn to build Endurance and Strength! Interactivity is DMTBs area for YOU, the rider. With FREE user web sites, message forums, newsletters, featured authors and more. US Bike Shops has every place that sells bicycles in the United States! Videos and Pics is our library of mtb pictures and mtb videos. That's not all! Discover Mountain Biking has much more to offer the mountain biking public! Look around!

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About Discover Mountain Biking
About the Author

About Discover Mountain Biking

Discover Mountain Biking is my (Trialsman's) mountain bike hobby site. The intention of DMTB is to help people to enjoy what I see as one of the better aspects of my life. Currently possibly the largest and most useful repository of mountain bike education, training and entertainment on the Internet, DMTB still has a long way to go to reach the lofty heights that I envision for the site.

The site was conceived of and went online in December of 1999 as the combined result of my successful 'field testing' my training methods on a willing subject and also realizing that most mountain bike sites out there were personal home pages or what I call 'commercial information' sites. 'Commercial information' sites feature information such as race events and results, trail guides, swap areas, message boards, links to similar sites etc. They also feature information on manufacturers, product reviews, branded products, books, videos and on and on. All of which is great but these sites don't have actual information about the actual process of mountain biking!

Where was the honest to goodness useful information to HELP people get an appropriate bike and get it set up properly, LEARN basic safety and trail etiquette, get training in mountain bike skills and techniques and actually learn to ride?

Thus Discover Mountain Biking was born.  It actually has information on mountain biking.  If you don't know a single thing about mountain bikes and want to learn, you have come to the right place.  If you are a mountain biker, but don't know what frames, components and such are right for you and your style of riding, you have come to the right place.  If you are a good mountain biker, but wish to increase your skill level and don't have anyone to learn from, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for information on health issues that relate to mountain biking, again you have come to the right place! And there is still so much more contained within this virtual encyclopedia!



About Trialsman
I have been an avid off-road cyclist since I was a child and I have always loved bicycles of all types. My family wasn't exactly poor during my childhood, but things were tough enough that I had to build my own bicycles out of stuff other people threw away. Eventually, this turned into a sort of business or trade for my brother and I. We collected old bikes from all over the place, tore them down and built solid working bikes with the best parts, bikes which we usually sold. My first NEW bicycle I bought myself out of my own earnings from working on bikes, mowing lawns, and shoveling snow etc.

When I moved to Florida I started mountain biking on the roads and during my college years it was handy for getting back and forth from school and parking was easy. This is where I began developing speed and endurance. Then my interests shifted more to off-road mountain biking where roadie speed and endurance were very useful. I set about developing additional leg strength and mountain biking skills. I began riding in strip mines and rock pits to increase the challenge. I moved more and more to hardcore off-road mountain biking with near vertical descents, climbs that most considered impassable and I liked to "forget the trails let's head out into the thick of the woods and see who falls over first" etc. It still wasn't challenge enough. Mondo (my brother) was kind enough to introduce me to observed trials and that occupied my attention for a few years. Totally self-taught, I acheived expert status over the course of about two years and I won every competition I was in, in both standard and modified classes (with the exception of one competition that I competed in with a sprained and swollen right hand).

I tackle everything with the same thought process. I analyze the situation, determine the physics of 'what must happen' for the situation to be overcome, conceive of the skill/technique that will meet the requirements of physics, develop a training method to learn the necessary skill/technique on a small scale, practice until confident, apply the skill/technique to the reality of the situation, and overcome.

Using my intuitive training methods, I began teaching skills/techniques to others while in college. My methods often seemed silly to most, but after relatively short periods of practice these same people were surprised by the skills/techniques they mastered, and so quickly! They craved more!

In 1998 I successfully 'field tested' my training methods with friend Dan, an accomplished mountain biker / aspiring observed trials rider that had been riding with a professional observed trials competitor for some years but had not learned more than the basics. Dan became an expert class trials rider in less than six months! This was a phenomenal result and I decided I had something to share with the world.

Discovermountainbiking has moved. I am working on putting all functions back online.

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